1.  Shelly Brock will be contacting homeowners this summer to vrify their phone number and email addresses and to see if there is interest in creating small work groups to maintain entrances, planning a picnic, garage sale or other activities.


2.  We want to thank Shelly Brock for weeding the 3 entrances to the community and Ken Dihle and his sone for sweeping glass and small stones at entrances and dried grass from gutters.



Association Picnic

The 2013 Diuble Meadows picnic was held on the "Prairie Circle" on Saturday, June 15th, 2013.  There were great choices of salads, veggies and desserts.  The kids enjoyed the games and the parents had a chance to meet more neighbors.


Thanks to Karen Tuttle for all of her work organinzing this years event.


If you are interested in planning a picnic for 2014, please contact Shelly Brock.

Neighborhood Garage Sale

Grounds Clean-Up Day

We would like to start a tradition on the Satuday after Earth Day of having a grounds clean-up day. 



If you would be interested in participating in keeping our neighborhood looking it's best and having fun with your neighbors, please contact the Association Board.